Ministry of Agriculture: China will reduce the amount of pesticides and fertilizers

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    April 14th, Vice Minister of agriculture Zhang Taolin said at the new office conference that Chinese agricultural resources and environment are suffering from the dual pressures of exogenous pollution and endogenous pollution, and the sustainable development of agriculture has encountered a bottleneck. In this context, the Ministry of Agriculture said yesterday, to reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, plastic film, straw to do harmless treatment. Zhang Taolin also said that China's agriculture has exceeded the industry as China's largest source of pollution industry, the overall situation is not optimistic.
    Zhang Taolin pointed out that China's soil and water pollution and agricultural products quality and safety risk is increasing, on the one hand is due to the industry, mining and urban and rural life pollution to agricultural transfer emissions, leading to a decline in agricultural production and environmental quality; on the other hand, also because of the pesticides and chemical fertilizers, long-term unreasonable and excessive use. Livestock and poultry manure, crop straw and agricultural plastic film and other agricultural wastes disposal unreasonable, resulting in agricultural non-point source pollution is becoming increasingly serious.
    In order to solve this problem, the Ministry of agriculture formulated opinions on agricultural pollution prevention and control: to ensure that the agricultural irrigation water volume in 372 billion cubic meters, farmland irrigation water quality standards; the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticide reduction; livestock and poultry manure, plastic sheeting, crop straw based the get resources, comprehensive recycling reuse and harmless.
    "The use of pesticides is now 320 thousand tons, we have to control in 300 thousand tons." Zhang Taolin said, regardless of from the theory, practice or domestic and foreign experience, it can be done to reduce the amount of fertilizer and pesticide. By optimizing the application of fertilizer, through the use of integrated system, can reduce the amount of fertilizer. Also if the organic fertilizer instead of fertilizer, regardless of the culture fertilizer soil fertility and agricultural environmental protection or steadily improve yield and agricultural product quality are a very important way.
For contaminated areas to restore responsibility, Zhang Taolin made a clear statement: who is responsible for pollution, who who pollution control. Can not transfer these problems and burden to the farmers, to effectively protect the interests of farmers."
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